Look at all the Pasta I give!

Ciao~! (= ヮ=)೨
I'm Feliciano Vargas, but you all can call me Feli or Italy!
Ve~ my english isn't so good so be gentle with me, va bene?
I'm new here and I want to know new friends!
I like cooking, sleeping, drawing and singing... I would write a song for you all, but one day I fell down some stairs and my guitar broke... [sobs] mi dispiace...

(Rp account for North Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia <3 - for Tumblrtalia - I'm really italian so... be gentle eheh! My main account is this)
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Italian Vocabulary (Now with swearwords too~)

((… for people who want to rp Seborga, Feliciano or Romano Vargas from Hetalia. I made it because sometimes I saw different people making the same mistakes… I’m not here to scold you or something (I’m still learning english after all and you are all so patient and kind with me! <3), I’m italian and I just thought it could be useful for somebody. So why not?

Italian is a really difficult language and if you are not practical with irregular verbs or the fact that we have different ways to write male and the female version of our words… it’s impossible to write it correctly.

A little advice: DON’T USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Maybe you think it’s funny because "People can understand my "translated" italian anyway!". No. Because Google Translate it’s the worst way to translate it! Everything you translate with that program will be “female”. Example: "he wants pasta!" —> “Lei volere pasta!” = "She to want pasta!" doesn’t make much sense…

You want to roleplay the italian brothers? You don’t need to talk in italian all the time, you can use a word or two but don’t fill your sentences with a lot of weird words!))


Signor: (Only if this word is followed by a name: "Salve Signore!" - "Salve Signor Rossi!"

Signore/ Signora: (We use it only if our interlocutor is an older person that we don’t know. Don’t use it with young people.)

Signorina: Miss (we don’t really use the male version “signorino” because it sounds like you’re scolding the other. Like "Young man! What do you think you’re doing!?")

Mio/ Mia/ Miei/ Mie: Mine (singular male/female, plural male/female) Don’t use the word “mi” because it’s a dialectal use for it and it’s difficult to put it correctly in a sentence.

Benvenuto/ Benvenuta/ Benvenuti/ Benvenute: welcome (singular male/female, plural male/female)

Buon Giorno: Good morning

Buona notte: Good night

Buona sera: Good evening

Buon pomeriggio: Good afternoon

Ci vediamo: See you soon

Arrivederci: Bye (Use this if you’ll “come back”…)

Addio: Goodbye (… and use if you will not “come back”)

Buon appetito: Bon appetit

Buona giornata: Have a nice day!

Piacere di conoscerti(personal) /Piacere di conoscerla(impersonal) : Pleased to meet you

Scusa/ Mi dispiace/ Perdonami(use it if you want to BEG someone, not if you simply want to say "sorry"): Sorry/ I’m sorry/ Forgive me

Grazie: Thank you (Please, don’t use Grazi, it doesn’t have any sense)

Grazie mille: Thank you a lot

Prego: You are welcome (sometimes I saw "you are welcome" is translated literally in italian: "Tu sei benvenuto", and it means “you’re welcome in my home”.)

Ti prego/ Vi prego: I beg you (single person)/(begging more than one person)

Ti amo: I love you (Don’t use it for friends or for family’s member, because italian "I love you" is like "I love you because you’re my lover")

Ti voglio bene: I love you (for friends)

Lo amo/ La amo/ Li amo: I love HIM/HER/THEM

Mi piaci/ Non mi piaci: I like you/ I don’t like you

Ti odio: I hate you

Fratello/Sorella: Brother/Sister (We don’t call our brothers all the time "Hey fratello!" because it sounds really really weird, but if you want to use it anyway… please, don’t turn it in “Frate” because in italian it means “friar”.)

Stai zitto: Shut up

Vattene/ Vai via: Go away

Non ti voglio: I don’t want you

Ho fame: I’m hungry

Davvero?: Really?

Bella/Bellissima: (Pay attention! These words are ONLY for girls or women! Don’t use it with men, don’t use it for children or for old people because really… it sounds pervert.)

Resta con me -per sempre-: Stay with me -forever-

Cos’è successo?: What happened?

Niente/ Nulla: Nothing

Sei pronto?: Are you ready?

Chi sei?/ Chi è?: Who are you?/ Who is there? (We usually use the second to answer at the entry phone)

Papà: Daddy (DON’T USE PAPA. Papa is another person. You can’t call Spain or Austria using the word Papa because they aren’t the Pope.)

Cosa vuoi?/ Cosa vuole?/ Cosa vogliono?: What do you want?/ What does he/she/it want?/ What do they want?

Come stai?/ Stai bene?: How are you?/ Are you all right?

Sto bene: I’m fine

Cosa fai?: What are you doing?

Ok, this is all you need to rp like Romano and Feliciano. Really, me and my girlfriend rp them and we don’t use a lot of italian words, except if we are talking or joking with different dialects. And we are both italian as in born and raised and living in Italy.


Some advice for you first. Be careful when you translate a swearwords because sometimes a vocabulary could show a word from the dialects like “italian word”: and this is wrong! I see a lot of Veneziano talking neapolitan or Romano talking milanese.

I made a list of words from the Italian different dialects.



We don’t talk spanish! I don’t know WHY Himaruya said that there is an island in Italy when people talk spanish. Because THAT is my island (Sardinia) and seriously… the only spanish word I know is “churro”.

If you want to use… Supermario’s language! Please! Don’t use it because it’s embarassing! Not because the “-a -e -o” but because you do it WRONG. "What-e do you want-e?" or "I’m fine thank-e you!" <- WRONG

Veneziano can’t play mandolin. Because Mandolin is from Naples.

Mafia and fascism are both a delicate subject for italian people so it would be better if you DON’T rp it.

The comic when Spain spends all his money for Romano is wrong: the spanish domination was one of the most horrible period in south Italy’s history (I’m from the south, I know it.). If you want to use the original strips for you rp, you can do it, but please… don’t say that they are historically correct.

Romano can cook, and sometimes better than Feliciano. I don’t want to say it because I’m from the south Italy. But in the south, there are a lot of people who still cook home-made food like pasta and pizza: for example, it’s pretty normal for my parents making the bread at home instead of buying it.

Don’t talk about political problems in your rp because it’s too difficult and sometimes it’s so damn wrong that I want to cry. I see rp saying "Berlusconi is so wonderful!" because Feliciano is stupid and he probably love him. Maybe you think it’s “canon” but please, don’t do it, it’s offensive for people like me.

Remember that there aren’t only Romano, Feliciano and Seborga! Himaruya didn’t made San Marino, another little state in Italy. So, remember that the italian brothers are FOUR, and not only three… if you want to insert Vatican City too you can do it!

If you have questions or if I forgot something please let me know and I’ll update the list.

Grazie e arrivederci~

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